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Digital Marketing Online Training

Digital Marketing Online Course

Start On March 31, 2016
Duration Live Instructor-LED classes
Level Weekend/Weekdays
Seats available 2
Price 18,000.00 21,500.00

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digital marketing certification course

About Instructor

About Digital Marketing Course

Good Digital Marketing can have a massive impact on the success of any business. With rapid strides in technology, a sea-change in business trends and ever-changing customer behavior patterns having a robust digital marketing strategy in place is critical t the success of any MSB or large corporate.

Available Batches

25 Dec

MON-SAT(35 Hours)

07:00 AM - 10:00 AM (IST)


5 Jan

MON-SAT(35 Hours)

07:00 AM - 10:00 AM (IST)


Can’t find a suitable schedule? Call us @ +91-9032453453

Digital Marketing Course Description

Digital Marketing refers to the use of online channels for marketing a company’s goods or services. It is an umbrella term which includes Keyword Planning, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Google Analytics.  and a whole gamut of other online marketing methods.

The Digital Marketing online training by Tektutes will transform students into seasoned digital marketing experts with expertise in the various facets of Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Social Media Marketing, mobile marketing solutions and so on.

Students will be trained by giving real-time assignments , case-studies and practical tasks which will enhance their real-time skills. Learn online marketing with Tektutes and become master in Digital Marketing.

Through our online digital marketing course, students will be able to master the different aspects of Digital Marketing and devise highly successful digital marketing campaigns and plans with direct impact on traffic and ROI of the website. The objectives of online digital marketing are as follows:

  • Students should master the different aspects of Digital Marketing
  • Design a successful and customized Digital Marketing Plan
  • Master advanced keyword research and keyword planning
  • Enable students to do successful on-page and off-page SEO
  • Utilize Social Media marketing to drive organic and referral traffic
  • How to setup and track traffic to website and effect on business bottom-lines

Digital Marketing is a good career choice and a great skill-set to have due to the limitless possibilities of the internet. It is the deal course to take up for the following people

  • Freshers interested in Digital Marketing
  • Web developers and Designers wishing to engage in digital marketing for their web solutions
  • IT professionals looking to add a valuable skillset to their portfolio

There are no must-have skills to commence the Digital Marketing tutorial as most of the concepts will be covered in-depth during the training program. However, a basic idea of the following will benefit students.

  • Knowledge of world wide web
  • Working with search engines
  • Understanding of terms like visitors, traffic and site statistics.


Digital Marketing is an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of any company. Digital Marketing skills are a good skill to have for the following reasons

  • 62 B Market Value
  • 34 % Market Demand
Market Demand

The exponential growth in this industry has generated an enormous demand for trained digital marketing professionals. According to Mondo.com the demand for Digital Marketing professionals is like to rise 38% every year.

One of the Hottest technical skills

According to Inc Magazine Digital Marketing is one of the hottest technical skills to have on the market today

Top Industry

According to the Wall Street Journal the Digital Marketing industry is worth $62B. It is an ever-expanding industry likely to see exponential growth in the future as well.

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Course Curriculum

Python is one of the powerful and open-source programming languages. It has powerful libraries for analysis and data manipulation and it is easy to learn and easy to use. Python has been used in systematic and analytical computing and highly significant domains like physics, finance, insurance and signal processing.

The Python course will provide you with hands-on knowledge of different packages and libraries essential to perform machine learning, data analytics, data visualization and processing of natural language using Python. Our Python online course not only trains you on fundamentals of the course but also gives you the in-depth knowledge of machine learning and data science range using python. We set up the Python training in such a way that we will take you from fundaments to high-level hands-on practice. Our Python course includes the activities like giving assignments and real-time scenarios to help you get the practical knowledge using Python.

Tektutes Python online training will also cover the writing the code in advanced level include sequenced, scripts and operation using Python. You will be trained on libraries like pandas, scikit, matplotlib, numpy and master the concepts like Python machine learning, sequence and scripts.

After completion of Python online course, you will able to work like a master using Python.

  • Learn different types of techniques using Python.
  • Creating the data visualization.
  • Working on real-time coding.
  • Learn about different sequences and operations.
  • Learn loops, data types, object-oriented programming, expressions etc.
  • Learn machine learning algorithms using Python.
  • Understand operations, SQLite, functions, and class defining.
  • Perform high-level mathematical operations using the NumPy and its large libraries.
  • Learn technical computing using the SciPy package and its sub-packages like as Integrate, Statistics, IO, Optimize and Weave.

There is heavy demand for skilled Python professionals across all the industries and our participants get all the required hands-on experience using Python programming.

  • Analytics professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Computer architects, programmers,
  • Fresher graduates
  • Big data professionals

There are no specific prerequisites to learn Python course. The basic understanding of programming languages would be helpful.

Tektutes Training: What We Offer

Live Sessions By Industry Experts

Several Hours of Live Comprehensive training for all courses every week . Several Instructor-led sessions with numerous batch and schedule options .

Lifetime Resources Access

Our course provides you access to recorded class sessions , latest documentaion, knowledge repositories , tests and quizzes at no extra cost.

Industry-oriented Projects

Projects and assignments designed with great care to hone real-time technical skills essential in the industry. Use-cases which will aid practical understanding.

24x7 Expert Support

Enrolling in our course will ensure that our experts are online 24x7 waiting to help you resolve any course related issues. Our tracking system will ensure your problem is resolved at the earliest.

Emphasis on practical Assignments

We understand the important role that real-time tasks play in making students technical experts. Hence our course curriculum has several hours of practical assignments.

Tektutes Certification

Acquiring training will ensure that you are a subject-matter and practical expert. On course completion and candidate assessment you will be granted ceertification.