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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Training

Start On March 31, 2016
Duration Live Instructor-LED classes
Level Weekend/Weekdays
Seats available 2

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About Instructor

About Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the branch of Computer Science that deals with programming and enabling machines to learn, adapt and evolve through Analysis of computational data that flows through the system and to perform tasks dynamically through progressive learning rather than being explicitly

Available Batches

20 Mar

MON-FRI(35 Hours)

07:00 AM - 10:00 AM (IST)


22 Mar

MON-FRI(35 Hours)

07:00 AM - 10:00 AM (IST)


Can’t find a suitable schedule? Call us @ +91-9032453453

Machine Learning Course Description

Machine learning in recent years has found increasing relevance in diverse business applications. It has become one of the most essential technologies necessary to transform organizations and to enable them to become innovative, efficient and have a sustainable growth curve.

Tektutes is one of the best machine learning online provider who can make you expert in the industry.

Our Machine Learning online training is designed to include in-depth coverage of course topics, focus on practical applications with hands-on training, intending to enhance learning outcomes. Our Machine Learning tutorial have the coaches who are experts from the industry with extensive real-time experience and will provide you with extensive hand-holding in practical assignments.

Our course curriculum and delivery methodology will enable you to become industry-ready and students can ramp up with practically no turn-around time while implementing real-time tasks.

Our online Machine Learning Course is rigorous in coverage of all required topics. At the end of the course students will have a good understanding and practical competence in the following topics:

  • Basic concepts and techniques of Machine Learning
  • Design and implement Machine Learning Solutions
  • Core concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Firm grasp on classification, regression and clustering problems
  • Evaluate and interpret the result of algorithms and their practical applications
  • Analysis and handling of large data sets
  • Sharp Analytical skills to carry out independent Machine Learning research and study.

Machine Learning has application in diverse fields and an interest in Machine learning is sufficient to start learning it. It is the correct technology choice for you if you fall into the following categories of people:

  • Fresh graduates interested in the popular field of AI
  • IT professionals will find that knowledge of machine learning can help them advance their career rapidly. ML will become a central necessity for a tech professional in the coming years.

As Machine Learning is an amalgam of Maths and Data Science students will find it easy to ramp up if they have the following skills:

  • Maths Skills – Knowledge of some school-level Maths topics like Linear Algebra, Probability theory, Calculus, Graph theory
  • Basic Computer Science Programming skills


Machine Learning is one of the most path-breaking technology innovations in recent times. The industry is realizing the significance of this cutting-edge technology which will enable computers to learn from data progressively and it is a right career choice for aspiring IT professionals for the following reasons:

  • 20 Billion dollar Industry Spending
  • 34 % Growth
  • $142000 Average Salar
Opportunities in Reputed Organizations

Machine Learning has become a technology of choice in giant corporations and reputed technology companies Eg: Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Walmart, Uber etc. Expertise will guarantee a promising career in top companies.

Technologically Relevant

Machine Learning technology overlaps into every technology possible and it is the technology of the future. In order to stay relevant and have an advantage in any field Machine Learning knowledge is essential.

Limitless Applicability

Machine Learning has seemingly limitless application in a wide variety of fields Eg. education, finance, security solutions and much more. Staying on the top of your career and diversifying it requires knowledge of machine learning.

Brain Behind BI

Machine Learning influences Business Intelligence and contributes majorly to increasing profits and bottom-lines. People passionate about a career in Data Science, BI, and Security Software would do well to learn machine-learning.

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Tektutes Training: What We Offer

Live Sessions By Industry Experts

Several Hours of Live Comprehensive training for all courses every week . Several Instructor-led sessions with numerous batch and schedule options .

Lifetime Resources Access

Our course provides you access to recorded class sessions , latest documentaion, knowledge repositories , tests and quizzes at no extra cost.

Industry-oriented Projects

Projects and assignments designed with great care to hone real-time technical skills essential in the industry. Use-cases which will aid practical understanding.

24x7 Expert Support

Enrolling in our course will ensure that our experts are online 24x7 waiting to help you resolve any course related issues. Our tracking system will ensure your problem is resolved at the earliest.

Emphasis on practical Assignments

We understand the important role that real-time tasks play in making students technical experts. Hence our course curriculum has several hours of practical assignments.

Tektutes Certification

Acquiring training will ensure that you are a subject-matter and practical expert. On course completion and candidate assessment you will be granted ceertification.