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Is Robotics and Artificial Intelligence same thing?

Is Robotics and Artificial Intelligence same thing?

Is Robotics and Artificial Intelligence same thing?

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence serve completely different functions. However, folks usually get them drawn up. Plenty of individuals surprise if AI may be a set of Robotics or if they’re an equivalent issue.

Let’s place things straight.

Are AI and Robotics an equivalent Thing?

The first issue to clarify is that AI and robotics don’t seem to be an equivalent issue in the least. In fact, the two fields are virtually entirely separate.

A diagram of the 2 would seem like this:

I guess that individuals typically confuse the two owing to the overlap between them: Artificial Intelligent Robots.

To understand however these 3 terms relate differently, let’s look into each of them one by one.


Robotics may be a branch of technology that deals with robots. Robots are machines that are programmed to perform a series of actions autonomously, or semi-autonomously.

In my opinion, there are 3 necessary factors that represent a robot:

  1. Robots move with the physical world via sensors and actuators.
  2. Robots are programmable.
  3. Robots are typically autonomous or semi-autonomous.

I say that robots are “usually” autonomous as a result of some robots are not. Telerobots, for instance, are entirely controlled by an individual’s operator however robotics continues to be classed as a branch of AI. this is often one example wherever the definition of AI isn’t terribly clear.

It is astonishingly difficult to get consultants to agree precisely what constitutes a “robot.” Some folks say that a robots should be able to “think” and build selections. However, there’s no normal definition of “robot thinking.” Requiring a robot to “think” suggests that it’s some level of computing.

Robots that are planned, built and programmed involves part of AI.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a branch of engineering. It involves developing laptop programs to complete tasks which might otherwise need human intelligence. AI algorithms will tackle learning, perception, problem-solving, language-understanding and/or logical reasoning.

AI is employed in some ways among the fashionable world. For instance, AI algorithms are employed in Google searches, Amazon’s recommendation engine and SatNav route finders. Most AI programs don’t seem to be used to manage robots.

Even once AI is employed to regulate robots, the AI algorithms are solely a part of the larger robotic system, that conjointly includes sensors, actuators and non-AI programming.

Often — however not continually — AI involves some level of machine learning, wherever associate algorithmic program is “trained” to reply to a selected input during abound means by mistreatment famed inputs and outputs.

The key side that differentiates AI from additional standard programming is that the word “intelligence.” Non-AI programs merely perform an outlined sequence of directions. AI programs mimic some level of human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligent robots:

Artificially intelligent robots are the bridge between AI and robotics. In this concept robots are AI programmed to manage the task.

Many robots don’t seem to be artificially intelligent. Up till quite recently, all industrial robots may solely be programmed to hold out a repetitive series of movements. As we’ve mentioned, repetitive movements don’t need AI.


You could extend the capabilities of the cobot by mistreatment AI.

Imagine you needed to feature a camera to your cobot. Robot vision comes below the class of “perception” and typically needs AI algorithms.

For example, say you needed the cobot to sight the item it absolutely was studying and place it during a completely different location counting on the sort of object. This could involve coaching a specialised vision program to acknowledge the various sorts of object. A way to try this is often AI algorithmic program referred to as model Matching.

Non-Artificial intelligent robots:

Non-intelligent robots are quite restricted in their practicality. AI algorithms are usually necessary to permit the robots to perform additional complicated tasks.

Let’s look into some examples.


A simple cooperative robot (cobot) may be a excellent example of a non-intelligent robot.

For example, you can easily program a cobot to acquire associate object and place it elsewhere. The cobot can then still choose and place objects in only an equivalent means till you switch it off. This is often associate autonomous operate as a result of the robot doesn’t need any human input when it’s been programmed. However, the task doesn’t need any intelligence.

Conclusion and a Confusion: computer coded Robots

As you’ll be able to see, AI and robotics measure very 2 separate things. AI involves building robots whereas AI involves programming intelligence.

“Software robot” is that the term given to a sort of worm that autonomously operates to complete a virtual task. They’re not physical robots, as they solely exist among a laptop. The classic example may be a computer programmed web crawler that roams the net, scanning websites and categorising them for search. Some advanced computer code robots could even embrace AI algorithms. However, computer code robots don’t seem to be a part of AI.

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